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Claire's: Ear Piercing

Claire's Ear Piercing Specialists are Available to Assist You

Ear Piercing

There's always a reason to dress up your ears! We're all ears!
FREE Piercing in-store today with purchase of a starter kit.
Ear Piercing Options
Ear lobe piercing and cartilage* piercing available.
*May vary per location
  • Traditional Lobe Piercing

    • Pair & multiple lob piercings
  • Single Lobe Piercing
    • Single lobe piercings are a great way to curate your look your way!
  • Cartilage Piercing
    • A piercing that is located at the top flat section near the natural curve of your ear
  • Dual Lob Piercing
    • Two ear piercing specialists pierce both ears simultaneously. This is a great option for young children or babies
Diamond Piercing is also available. Please call ahead
*all subject to ear piercing specialist availability, call your store prior to visiting: 972-202-5558
For more information on Claire's Ear Piercing guide, after-care, and specialists, please CLICK HERE