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Winter Fashion Tips

By Sara Antonuccio
When it’s so cold out that preparing to run errands is like bundling up for an overnight stay in the Alaskan wilderness, it seems impossible to consider fashion. But this is the modern age! We can look sharp and stay warm at the same time, with no sacrifices. Here’s how:
Think in Layers
Winter outfits are built in layers, typically three. There’s your base layer that acts as insulation, a middle layer, and an outer layer that blocks the elements. Your base layer can be a tank top, long sleeve shirt, or even thermal underwear if it’s below zero. Your middle layer can be something like a cozy sweater, turtleneck, or another long sleeve top. The final layer is a warm coat or jacket. Layering allows you to adjust as needed; add more layers if it gets colder, or take a couple off if you’re too warm. 
Have One Multipurpose Coat
Coats are almost like shoes; you tend to accumulate them slowly, over time, until you find yourself with a closet full of every style imaginable. Make sure that in your plethora of choices, you have at least one that’s your go-to no matter the weather or your outfit. Just make sure it’s made from a warm, insulating material like down or wool, and that it’s dressy enough for work or a party while still comfortable and casual enough for everyday wear. 
Top it Off
Beanies. Knit caps. Earmuffs. Trapper hats. Winter is all about fashionable headwear that keeps your noggin warm. The plus side to hats is that they’re perfect for bad hair days; unruly bangs, curls that refuse to cooperate, and flat day-old hair that just doesn’t sit right can be quietly stashed away under a knit cap. If you don’t need or want full coverage, an oft-forgotten but oh so cute accessory for keeping your ears warm is a pair of earmuffs! Size matters when it comes to earmuffs, so make sure you try on a few pairs to see which option suits your head shape. 
In our opinion, winter fashion is some of the best fashion. Layering allows you endless outfit options, any excuse to wear hats is a good excuse, and a closet full of coats is a happy sight. With these tips in mind, you’ll not only stay toasty warm, you’ll be runway-ready!