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The Summer Color Palette You Need to Embrace in 2021

By Andrea Spanik
If there was ever a season for embracing color, we would say it’s summer. Tropical print, nautical stripes, and all the feminine polka dot you can handle, summer just tends to be the time where we get a bit more playful with our style. And yes, that includes more playful with our love for all things colorful. 
Want to know all the most trendy colors to embrace this summer? Listen up and you’ll be one step ahead of everyone else.  
1)    Muted Yellow 
When you think of yellow, you might automatically think of more vibrant shades of yellow like neon or mustard, but for Summer 2021, it’s time to tone it down with some muted yellow. 
More of a buttercup yellow or a yellow that’s been muted with some chic white, this toned-down yellow is sophisticated and perfect for those who want to bring color into their wardrobe without being too bold. 
2)    Bubblegum Pink
On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re someone who does want to bring some vibrant shades to her wardrobe this summer, we highly recommend embracing bubblegum pink. Bold, playful, and oh-so-feminine, this vibrant shade is guaranteed to turn heads in all the best possible ways. 
3)    Magenta 
Still in that same pink family, if you prefer something a little more moody and less in-your-face feminine, we think magenta will serve you well in your wardrobe. 
While this isn’t necessarily the most classic or timeless color, if you want to feel your best in 2021, this is a shade you’ll consider next time you’re out shopping. 
4)    Fire Orange 
Is there a shade that is more appropriate for summer than fire orange? Not in our books. 
Hot, hot, hot, and totally statement-making, we love this color trend for its loud, vibrant, over-the-top feeling. Would you feel comfortable rocking such a vibrant shade of orange? 
5)    Pistachio 
Fresh and nature-inspired, we love this muted shade of green for something that feels a bit more toned down than fire orange or bubblegum pink. 
While green might not be everyone’s first pick for colors to rock this summer, we highly recommend at least giving this light shade a try. You might just surprise yourself with how wearable it really is.
So, who’s feeling inspired to bring some color into their wardrobe this summer? 


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