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The Perfect Outfits for Your Holiday Parties

By Sara Antonuccio
With all those holiday parties coming up fast, you might be combing desperately through your wardrobe, trying in vain to find something that’s cute, comfortable, and festive. It can’t be too hard to make that winning combination come together, can it? Not if you try these ideas:
Velvet Top and Shimmery Skirt
Velvet is the perfect material for holiday parties. It’s luxurious and elegant at the same time, like wrapping yourself up in a big, beautiful bow. To do the proper justice to a material like this, you need to pair it with something equally fitting, such as a shimmery skirt. If your top is more fitted, your skirt can have a wider silhouette, such as a-line. If your top is loose or flowing, pair it with a long, skinny skirt, like a maxi skirt. 
Sweater + Slip Skirt Combo
Slip skirts are the rising star this season. Their silky, soft material is like a dream come true, and yet they’re completely appropriate for parties with friends and work colleagues alike. The smooth look of a slip skirt pairs perfectly with a chunky sweater, especially one with a high cowl neck. Some great color combinations include nude and white, maroon and black, and of course green and red. 
Velvet Wide Leg Pants and a Corset
Everyone thinks of skirts and dresses first when it comes to formalwear, but wide leg pants are just as dressy and even more eye-catching! This edgier look needs a top that won’t soften the effect, and a corset top is just the thing. With a pair of high-waisted green velvet pants, a strapless corset, and an amazing pair of earrings, you’ll be without a doubt crowned as best dressed. 
Delightfully Sequined Dress
Sequins and holiday parties go together like turkey and stuffing, or ham and honey glaze. You have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to choosing a dress; for example, if you’re headed to a party with friends, you can wear a long sleeve mini dress in a bold color. If you’re attending a work party, a midi dress with a modest neckline is more appropriate, but you’ll still make an impression in all your sparkly glory. 
Statement Jumpsuit
Jumpsuits are another party favorite, and you can take inspiration from some of the other outfits we’ve mentioned when you’re deciding on your jumpsuit’s style. Sequin jumpsuits make an instant statement, while velvet ones are a little more subtle but no less stylish. A pair of nude heels will go with practically any jumpsuit you wear, but don’t be afraid to sneak some sequins into your footwear as well. 
Holiday parties call for pulling out all the stops, and these statement outfits will put you in a festive mood all party season long.