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The Hottest Prints for Spring

By Andrea Spanik
With the birds chirping, the sun shining, and all the flowers blooming, there’s one print that will never steer you wrong during these upcoming spring months: florals. 
Of course, for some, the standard floral print for spring can feel a little yawn-worthy and uninspiring. And so, if you’re looking to incorporate spring prints beyond your standard florals, here are some that we think will get you feeling spring-ready in the best way:  
1)    Bright stripes 
No doubt about it, stripes are one of those classics prints that you can get away with all year long. 
For spring, though, we love the idea of incorporating bright, multi-colored stripes. Think vivid pink, sunny yellow, sky blue, and all the fresh green you can handle. 
The stripe pattern gives you some classic style flair, while the pops of color help provide a more spring-appropriate feel. Ideal, right?  
2)    Watercolor 
Probably one of our favorite spring print trends, watercolor prints are feminine, statement-making, and have a sense of romanticism to them that we just can’t help but love. 
Unique and bold, adding watercolor prints into your style lineup for spring will instantly elevate your look to new heights. 
3)    Checkers 
No, not gingham and not plaid, checkers. 
Gingham is probably the standard spring print you’re used to, while plaid tends to be associated with fall. Checkers, on the other hand, feel a bit more exciting for Spring ‘21. 
Go for full checkered pants, or keep it more subtle with a knitted checkered cardigan. Either way, this spring trend is here to stay. 
4)    Geometry 
Triangle, hexagons, stripes, and circles, the combination of geometric shapes in a variety of colors is one way to easily get all eyes on you this spring. 
Not exactly subtle and full of eye-popping flair, the geometric print trend is one that’s reserved for the most dramatic of style influencers. But hey, if you don’t mind the attention, we’ve got a feeling you’ll love this trend. 
5)    Over-the-top tropical 
And lastly, for those of you who want a new take on the traditional floral, try out some tropical prints. 
Louder and more dramatic than your standard floral, there’s no such thing as “too much” when it comes to this season’s tropical print. Go all out, and you’ll be rewarded. 
Are you feeling inspired to play with your prints this spring? 
Trust us, while it may seem simpler to stick with your beloved florals and easy-to-wear solids, throwing some spring prints into the mix will pay off.