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The 5 Swimwear Trends You Need to Try This Summer

By Andrea Spanik
Finding that perfect swim style that flatters your curves and makes you feel like a beach goddess isn’t always easy. But pushing fit and sizing to the side for now, one way to easily give yourself a boost of confidence this summer is to try out some of the top swimwear trends. 
Trust us, simply adding any of these trends to your swimsuit collection is an easy step you can take to help you feel your best poolside this summer. 
Which swimwear trends will you try?
1)    Bring on the glitz 
Glamorous swimsuits? Yes, this is a thing. And yes, it’s going to be a big deal in Summer ‘21. 
Whether it be metallic one-pieces, sequin detailing on a strap, or even full bottoms done with sparkles, you can’t be too over-the-top with your swimwear in 2021. If the piece screams glamour and drama, go for it!
2)    Stringy Styles 
While not everyone is going to be a fan of the string bikini, if this is a style you’re comfortable with, anything that is extra strappy is a good idea for Summer ‘21. 
Plus, if a string bikini isn’t for you, you can get your straps from other places like a strappy back one-piece, a ruched side with side strap detail, or even a simple strap belt for an extra flattering look. 
Don’t be held back this summer—embrace the string. 
3)    Ribbed 
No matter what style of swimwear you gravitate to, ribbed fabrics can be featured on any suit. A sporty, ribbed, black bikini; or a cool, modern, neon green one-piece, you can’t go wrong with more ribbed swimwear in your lineup this summer. 
4)    Cut-out details 
No doubt about it, cut-out details are ruling swimwear this summer. Whether it be sexy side cut-outs or something more subtle like a small cutout below the bust, we say embrace the cutout this summer. You’ll be glad you did. 
5)    Bandeau 
We love a good bandeau. With a slightly retro feeling, this design is flattering and ideal for tanning purposes when we remove the straps. Plus, with this trend, you can try out the bandeau top and do whatever you want with your bottom in order to feel comfortable. 
Your options are really endless when it comes to the bandeau. 
In fact, your options are endless in general when it comes to swimwear trends. Don’t let yourself be pinned down by trends. Instead, make them work for you. Follow that simple rule, and we’re certain you’ll be hitting the beach with confidence this summer.