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Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet

By Leigh Williams
Maybe you’ve set big, lofty goals in the past and had trouble sticking with them. Or maybe you just aren’t a big fan of the whole “new year, new me” mentality. Or maybe you’re not in either of these categories but something about 2021 just feels like you need to figure out how to make life more manageable. 
Either way, I hear you. And that’s why I want to share with you these small goals I am setting this year to boost my physical and mental health! 
Drink your water. Our body is made up primarily of water, so a lack of it can make us feel tired, weak and lead to cravings. Start your day with at least 8 oz of water before your morning coffee, and shoot for at least 20 oz with each meal!
Eat more veggies. I know, your mother probably has been trying to get you to do this for years…but it can truly make a huge difference! It can help you to prevent long term sickness and conditions like heart disease and cancer, too! If you don’t necessarily like the taste of veggies, look for a greens powder or sneaky foods made with vegetables as the first ingredient – like cauliflower rice or cauliflower gnocchi! 
Listen, read or watch something that makes you laugh weekly. Laughing helps to relieve stress – which boosts your immune system! Pick a form you enjoy – maybe a book, podcast or even a new Netflix series.
Move your body. This doesn’t have to be a hardcore-7-days-a-week program, but move your body in ways that feels good to YOU! This is how you will make this a habit and stick to it long term. Maybe your favorite form of movement is walking. Or perhaps you enjoy yoga. Maybe you like lifting weights…it doesn’t matter what you choose, just find a way to move your body every day.
Practice gratitude. I like to keep a gratitude journal and write down 3 things I’m grateful for each day. It doesn’t need to be anything crazy, maybe the roof over your head, a pet, or last night’s dinner. Practicing gratitude can help to reduce anxiety, improve your attitude and even help you sleep better!
Now I know you might be thinking that these don’t seem like much and can’t possibly change your life…but I promise, if you stick to these small goals daily, you will leave 2021 much better both physically and mentally!


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