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How to Plan Your Outfits for Travel

By Sara Antonuccio
One of life’s greatest joys is travel. Whether you’re jetting off to a distant country or taking a drive to a nearby destination, seeing new sights and experiencing new adventures can be exhilarating. It can also be uncomfortable if you don’t plan ahead. Traveling by plane, train, car, or any other mode of transportation requires some wardrobe forethought. Here’s what to keep in mind:
Comfort First
Comfort is by far the most important factor in your travel outfits. You’ll most likely be sitting for a long time, regardless of your mode of transportation, and those tight jeans are going to feel like a big mistake in a few short miles. Stick to the two travel S’s: stretch and soft. Incorporating pieces that stretch and flex along with ones that are soft against your skin will have you feeling like you’re being whisked away on a cloud instead of clanging along in the back of an old-timey wagon.
Take Security Into Consideration
If you’re flying by plane, think about the security process. If you’re like most of us mere mortals, you probably don’t go through TSA pre-check and instead have to take off your jacket, cardigan, shoes, keys, change, and anything else that is not at all convenient to remove. So, instead of causing yourself a bigger headache, think about the security process ahead of time and pick items that are easier to remove, like slip on shoes, and don’t put anything in your pockets.
Dress in Layers
This might make security a little more of a hassle, but when the temperature of the space you’re in changes from one minute to the next, you’ll be glad you have options. Too cold? Put a jacket over your sweater or cardigan. Too warm? Strip down to a tank top or light t-shirt. The secret to comfortable travel is having adaptable clothing.
You can be both fashionable and comfortable when you travel. All you have to do is keep in mind the types of clothing that are most comfortable, how to make them adaptable to any situation, and then mix and match until you have a winning look!