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How to Create a Day to Night Look

By Sara Antonuccio
Some people think of their wardrobe as three separate pieces: one section for work, one for casual, and one for nights out. But that’s not how you maximize your wardrobe! Instead, think about how to mix and match pieces for different occasions to create looks that can transition from daytime casual to nightlife stunner in a few simple steps. Here’s how:
  1. Start with a Good Basic - Every wardrobe needs a few reliable basics, like a black camisole, plain white t-shirt, or really great pair of jeans. This piece will serve as your base, and you’ll build off of it to create a look that’s ready for anything. The basic you choose should be versatile so that you can match it with anything.
  2. Add a Statement Piece - Do you have a really great dress that would look nice under a sweater or blazer during the day and stand out on its own at night? Maybe you have a pair of leather pants that you can class up with a blouse for work, and later a corset top for drinks with friends. Your statement piece should pair well with the basic you chose in step one.
  3. Change the Shoes - Switching out your shoes is the easiest thing you can do to create a day to night look. Think pumps for work and stilettos for the night, or flats during the day and stylish ankle boots in the evening. 
  4. Put Something On or Take Something Off - Another easy way to transition is to add or subtract one key piece. Wearing a great blouse with jeans? Trade the jeans for a skirt. Layering a sweater over a dress? Take the sweater off. T-shirt just a little too plain? A fun blazer or leather jacket will change that. The key is to either trade out that basic from step one for something flashier, or add something to it that elevates the style. 
It’s not as hard as you thought it would be, is it? Day to night looks are as simple as adding the right statement piece, putting on the perfect pair of shoes, or dressing up your basics. Just have fun with it!