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Home Decor Trends for 2021

By Sara Antonuccio
The unprecedented events of 2020 forced all of us to reevaluate many things, including our own homes. The time spent inside reminded many people that the home should be a sanctuary, and as a result, in 2021 we’re met with design trends brought about by pandemic-fueled inspiration. Here’s a look at what’s big in home decor this year:
Pantone Colors of the Year
Every year, Pantone releases their “color of the year” which ends up dominating everything from home interiors to runways. This year, however, Pantone embraced the uniqueness of the times and chose two colors of the year: Illuminating and Ultimate Gray. Illuminating is a sunshine-like yellow that not just brightens your home, but your mood as well, and Ultimate Gray is a cozy, familiar shade. 
Rustic Look
Cabin fever might have been the inspiration behind this trend. The rustic cottage look is back, and it’s all about feeling safe and comfortable in a space that feels like the epitome of home. Wood accents, white furniture, and plenty of earth tones make this look come to life. Fabrics should be soft and snuggle-worthy, and patterns should be calm and old fashioned, like plaids and toile. 
Vacation Home
Who says you can’t go on vacation in lockdown? We might all be cooped up, but you can bring vacation destinations to you by tailoring your home decor to your favorite foreign land. Tropical prints and colors offer an island-vibe, animal prints and earth tones bring wild safari to the suburbs, and euro-chic furniture and art pieces let you live out a sophisticated vacation without having to book a flight. 
Green design has long been on the minds of designers both in the fashion and interior design worlds. Eco-friendly decor is a growing trend, with homeowners seeking out sustainable materials and pieces that evoke feelings of being closer to nature. Living plants are also making their way into more and more homes, as people want to bring the outside in and have the time to tend to them. 
Entertainment Spaces
Homes have become movie theaters, gamer hangouts, restaurants, bars, and so many other social settings. As a result, people are paying more attention to how well their homes can double as centers of entertainment. Social seating that offers a place for the whole family to spend time together, nicer dishes served at dedicated dining areas, and better sound systems and televisions are all taking front and center.
The home decor trends of 2021 are far more unique than those of years passed. Home has become a safe zone, a sanctuary, but after being cooped up inside for so long, we’re all in need of a change. Pick one of these trends of the year, and transform your space into something completely new. 


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