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Hair Trends for Fall

By Sara Antonuccio
Stylists recommend a haircut at the end of every season to trim away those split ends and give your hair a quick refresh, but a new season is also a great time to try something different! Whether you go for the latest cut or a contemporary color, these are the trends hair experts are anticipating for fall:
Bring Back the Bob
Celebrities are often the ones to kick off hair trends, and the bob is no exception. Dozens of long-hair loving celebrities have taken the scissors to their locks and embraced the bob. The best thing about this style is that it’s adaptable to your preferred length and look; you can have a short, blunt bob or a longer, layered shoulder or clavicle bob. 
Icy Blonde and Gray
This fall, we’re seeing more wintery looks than usual. Icy blonde and silvery-gray like a winter sky are popular colors, and with the right undertones you can make them work for your skintone. Talk to a stylist about which hair color hues will make your skin look even more radiant! For example, warm skin tones look best in icy blonde, while silver with a blue hue complements cooler tones. 
The Flip
Look up hairstyles from the 70s, and one trend you’ll see in every photo is the flip. You can thank Farrah Fawcett, a style icon of that era, for inspiring today’s modern take on the flip. While you’ll have to break out the curling iron to really capture the look, your stylist can give you the right kind of layers that will make it a cinch to recreate the “Fawcett Flip” at home.
Fun Fringe
Tame fringe is for spring and summer. For fall, it’s time to get a little wild. Chunky, choppy, shag-style bangs are just a little punk rock and give your hair a slightly untamed look that’s easy to embrace. Whether you wear your hair long or tie it up, a bit of fringe adds texture to any style you choose. 
Wild Curls
For those of us with hair that won’t curl yet refuses to sit straight, dreams of wild, wonderful curls might finally be realized. This fall, it’s all about those unkempt curls that are straight out of an Irish period drama. If you have naturally curly hair, you’re in luck, because all you need is a little curl cream and you’re good to go! For the rest of us, it might be time to look into perms. 
Some might think of fall as a sleepy time when the world gets ready to head into winter hibernation, but these hair trends are aiming to change that! Bring a little life to the fall season with a haircut that’s outside your comfort zone; you might just discover that it suits you better.