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Getting a New House Plant?

By Leigh Williams
  • Bed / Bath / Home
So you’re thinking of getting a house plant, but have no clue what comes next. How do you take care of it? How much should you water it? Can you tell if your plant is happy? What do I do if my plant outgrows its pot? Where should you put it? Is there such thing as too much light? Too little light? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!
If you haven’t already purchased your plant, make sure you know what kind and size you are interested in before heading to the store. The best plant for you depends on the natural lighting of your home, your style, and how much attention you can give to your plants each week! But if you truly can’t choose, a foolproof first plant is a pothos or spider plant!
Now that you know what kind of plant to get, how do you take care of it? Well, I suggest also getting a cute pot, some gloves, a watering can, soil, and fertilizer at the same time. There isn’t a simple answer as to how you should take care of your new plant, though! Be sure to do a Google search on the type of plant you choose to make sure you are taking care of your new plant’s needs!
After you’ve done your research and are taking care of your plant the best that you can, you get the privilege of watching your plant thrive! And if, for some reason, it isn’t – use your detective skills and try to figure out why that might be. Do you have your plant near a hot or cold air vent? Is your plant in the correct pot size? Have you fertilized your plant? These are all things to keep in mind!
As you can tell, there are many responsibilities that come with your new plant! But if you take care of your new plant, it will flourish in its new home!


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